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about michelle

I'm the chef/owner, menu planner and sometimes dishwasher of Uncommon Feasts. I owe my love of cooking and desire to make people happy through eating and drinking entirely to my Sicilian family. I learned to cook and care for others by watching my great aunts and uncles tend small backyard gardens, sitting with them at the kitchen table while they prepared handmade feasts for enormous family lunches and holidays. After 14 years working my way up through nearly every aspect of the food business - starting in restaurant kitchens, catering companies, pie maker, personal chef to actors and directors and a stint at Formaggio Kitchen-South End I started Uncommon Feasts in 2014. It's the answer to a question I've been working my way to answering for a long time: How to combine that familiar feeling of comfort and pleasure of a family meal for your most special and intimate events.


When I work on an event with a client I’m always trying to create both the sense of abundance and balance. And the process of getting there matters deeply to me. I take time to understand clients and their unique entertaining style before designing a menu that brings their vision to life through a thoughtful meal. The ingredients used in every dish are sourced from farmers, butchers, fish and cheesemongers that I’ve established relationships with over the last 20+ years. I trust their growing practices and or sourcing. Everything is made by hand - from the pasta to the ice cream. No shortcuts. Marianne, our in-house wine director, carefully chooses each bottle of wine from small producers working directly with local wine shops that have the same approach to wine as I do to food. My food is soulful and sumptuous without being fussy. My favorite moments are when I peek into the dining room and see the room candle lit while guests have elbows on the table eating, drinking and laughing together.

For a longer story about my family and the impact they had on my love of cooking and caring for others you can take a look here at a newsletter I sent to my client's on International Woman's Day.

3.8.17: A Feast Made By Hand


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